A tax credit gift helps West Yavapai Guidance Clinic

Tax Credit Gift to WYGC INC.

Keep your tax dollars local! Your tax credit gift, i.e. contributions up to $400 (single filer) and $800 (joint filers) may earn a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on Arizona income tax, which means your total tax bill can be reduced by this amount. In addition, your gift to WYGC also qualifies as a charitable deduction on your federal return if you itemize. The deadline for making a tax-credit donation to be claimed on 2017 taxes is April 15, 2018.

Where does the 2016/2017 tax credit money go?

West Yavapai Guidance Clinic (WYGC) has opened a 23-hour crisis stabilization unit. This “CSU” program will has a tremendous positive impact at many levels throughout the quad-city area. This new program allows our community to prioritize treatment over incarceration where appropriate, preventing unnecessary incarceration and/or hospitalization of persons with mental disorders.