Our Six Funding Priorities

Though all services offered to individuals by the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic are important and transformative, WYGC Foundation prioritizes programs that demand additional resources to be successful. These services help residents throughout our communities obtain the mental health services they need to heal, grow and thrive that may otherwise not be covered through insurance.

Children’s Program

More than 1,000 children from our community receive services annually at WYGC.  The Children’s Services Fund provides opportunities for life skills training, trauma recovery, outdoor activities, and recreational pursuits for our youngest clients. These services funded by the WYGC Foundation may not be covered by State funds or other sources, yet they are therapeutic and enhance the child’s clinical experience.

Recovery from Substance Use Disorders

The WYGC Foundation provides a scholarship for initial rent to graduates of our in-house addiction  program so these individuals have a safe place to live while looking for a job to support themselves.  These scholarships help promote individual recovery as well as benefit the community at large by decreasing the likelihood that the graduates will become homeless.

Suicide Prevention

Yavapai County has the highest suicide rate in Arizona. The WYGC Foundation seeks to lower the area suicide rate through education and empowerment, and provides training using evidence-based curriculum such as Mental Health First Aid and Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention for teens.

Senior Peer Prevention Program

This program cultivates the emotional health and wellness of adults over 60 so they may live the latter part of their lives to the fullest.  Services include confidential support groups, one-on-one individualized support, educational presentations, and resource/referral for seniors seeking elder-specific information.

Adults with Serious Mental Illness

Many adults in our community need ongoing support, medication, and case management to manage their illness.  WYGC budget limitations make this an area where community donations to the Foundation can yield an immediate impact.  

Without innovative therapy enhancements, individuals may be left without adequate guidance and become indigent, unable to work or go to school, and possibly even become incarcerated.  

The WYCG Foundation believes we can do more for these vulnerable members of our community.  

Crisis Stabilization Unit

WYGC provides timely, compassionate services for community members in crisis through the utilization of a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) – the first and only single-point triage center of its kind in Yavapai County. The CSU diverts individuals in mental health crisis away from jails and hospitals emergency rooms, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes for that individual and their loved ones. It saves taxpayers money, and returns first responders quickly, increasing public safety. The WYGC Foundation raises funds so that every person who walks through the doors of the CSU can access necessary medications to achieve stabilization, and provide transportation after discharge to those without other resources.